Emily Marques is a passionate yogini, ready to spark some creative and fun flows and thoughts into peoples’ lives. She trained with Maria Richardson at Climbers Rock in Burlington Ontario, and is a 200h Hatha yoga teacher. In her classes you will find a mix of vinyasa, hatha, yin, some tantric principles and even some yogance. (Which just so happens to be her favourite thing to do on her own time.) Alongside that, through her classes you will hear music and quite possibly her own singing as she is a sound healer and a lifelong singer. She has been practising sound healing for over a year, healing others who are sick with the relaxing vibrations of her voice. Her classes are always alignment conscious because through her studies she had a strong focus in anatomy and biomechanics. Emily considers herself an astrologer and has allowed the star’s messages to help her gain clarity in many different areas of her life. She is always willing to share her thoughts about the stars and how they affect us! All in all, Emily is ready to help others explore. Their bodies, their minds, their spirits, their psyche… These are all of the things she wants to influence. Her blog entries will be a mix of all of these things! She hopes to bring you spiritual clarity and guidance in many different areas of your life- specializing within body image issues and our relationship with food, as for years she herself struggled with these things. Enjoy this blog and leave a comment if you want to read or learn about anything else in particular!