A Monday Happiness Talk

After the beautiful, unyielding, and open energy of the Fullest Moon this past weekend, I feel very inclined to share something with you.

A theme that has been ever present, is the theme for me of learning through experience, and learning lessons.

I’ve spoken in the past about how when we learn our lessons, these challenging situations that keep presenting themselves to us change.


This does not mean that they stop happening.


On our journey, the terrifyingly exciting thing is that we are uncertain. We have no idea and yet so many ideas as to where life is taking us. The certainty lays within uncertainty. An oxy-moron, of course, but a beautiful one. These hardships we face, they are meant to allow us to crumble. To fall, to shrink. But they are also meant to teach us to rise out of that. To build, to learn and to heal.

The reason for that, friends, is that when we are presented with these things we MUST learn from them. We must seek out how we truly feel within the depths of our very core, and then we must train. It is not a simple task, but it is an important one.

Speaking to a friend about this, basking in the energy of the moon last night, I felt tremendous surges of energy when thinking about it.

We go through emotional phases. One moment we may not feel energized or happy. It is our task to take mindful action to pick up our emotion and to feel more energized. To become more joyful.

When we do this, it may take a few moments, minutes, or even hours. And that is okay, because what I am speaking about in terms of our lessons is that we learn. We TRAIN. For the next time these emotions are presented to us, we’ll know a little bit more about what to do, and how to grow from it. We’ll be a little more confident in picking ourselves up from it. It won’t seem as daunting, or as clueless.


Essentially, we are reclaiming control and power over our lives.


It is like the practice of Yoga. Each day I turn to my mat. Each day on my mat I face different experiences and struggle. If one day I feel intense emotion come up during my practice, it may overwhelm me. But through my devotion and practice, the fact that each day I practise, I know what to do to RISE up out of it. Therefore, the next time I do that same posture that ignited that discomfort, quicker I will know what to do.


And that is what true mindfulness is.


It is not about taking ourselves out of situations that will cause us discomfort, but more about going through these situations willingly, and finding our stillness through it.

A wonderful quote I once heard that reminds me of this was by Ram Dass: “If you think you are so enlightened, go and spend a week with your parents.”

Wow. It makes me laugh. It really is lighthearted. I think we take things too seriously at times, but it’s so true. Even after my Yoga practice and Meditation, I find myself going through waves of being agitated or frustrated with my parents. It is natural.

The goal, I think, is to learn these lessons so that next time your mom, for example, does something that annoys you, it annoys you for less time. You can break the barrier of pride and agitation and find love more simply. With more ease. Forgive yourself and forgive her.


Isn’t that a wonderful goal? Isn’t it what we all want? Finding ease and flow, more love and peace in life?


So a wonderful, mindful happiness TIP I have for you, is again simpler than it sounds.

When you find yourself in states of unhappiness, acknowledge them, because pretending they are non-existent does not help in rising up out of them. However, wallowing in them? I think that’s an excuse, and I think you deserve better than that… and I think that it feels so uncomfortable because deep down, you absolutely know that you deserve better than that.

Gratitude is the tip and the end goal. If you are unhappy and are going on a walk unhappy, thinking of your pain and unhappiness…. No, I don’t think you will notice the bird or the breeze that comes by. But if you consciously allow yourself to notice the bird, and notice the breeze. If you consciously allow yourself to feel the Earth beneath your feet, take your shoes off and feel the grass, feel the Sun illuminating your being, hear the birds and people and children around you. Even hearing the cars, the life that is happening forever around you. If you take the time and work within the mind to notice these things, and then to recognize how incredible they are?

That isn’t just mindfulness, it’s Gratitude. My favourite word.

And then if you do that, how can you possibly be as unhappy as you were before?

You may still be a little unhappy, but you probably would have experienced many more moments of solace. So next time you go on that walk, you’ll find those moments of solace more plentifully and quickly, even if you’re more unhappy. And then the third time you’ll go for that walk, it’ll be more abundant. 

But it takes REAL work. It’s gotta be a devotion. You must know that you want to be happier and you must allow it. We must commit to whatever practice is that allows us to be mindful and grateful, and then we may see the happiness that unfolds.

I hope this resonates with you! If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know and we can have a chat about them. I would absolutely love it.

Have an incredible beginning to your work. Remember, it is in your hands and reclaiming your Power is an INCREDIBLE feeling.


I believe in you.


Namaste Friends, Happy training.


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