Dear Divine Self Series #4: Inner Child Chats

(Like other Divine Self posts, you can read this to yourself aloud or quietly with your mind’s eye… and you can even change some parts to be more suited to you. Let this be a tale of love for you. Let this speak to you. The affirmations presented at the end of each Divine Self post have a powerful impact when recited. Enjoy xx)


Dear Divine Self,


You captivate me. When I look at you through the mirror in the morning, when I see your toes in the shower. When I look down at your hands through your movement… on a run, or a walk, through your yoga practice. I am enticed. My attention is caught. I want to give you all of it. You deserve nothing less than my full focus.


But times I notice that your focus, our focus, lays throughout. In the people walking, in the thoughts crawling, in the feelings bumbling. Sometimes it’s challenging for us to have private time together, where there is just you and I and nothing else. Divine Self, I miss you. I miss the moments we spent together. You as a child, and Me experiencing wonder through you. Your curiosity kept you present. Your action kept you present. When you wanted to leap, you leapt! Angel, you leapt miles. When you wanted a friend, you would find one… When you wanted food, you would eat some. When you didn’t want anymore to eat, you would leave bits and pieces of your half eaten food all over your kitchen where your parents would lovingly clean up after you. Times have changed. Indeed, now you may finish your food and tidy up after yourself, but there is less time we have. There is more everything else. More sirens and speakers and less quiet and solitude. For in the moments where we find ourselves in solitude, Divine Self, we are distracted. Worried. Bruised and broken but never surfacing it. Thinking and thinking and thinking. Planning and moving and planning and prioritizing and thinking.  We are distracted. By the devices we own, constantly notifying us of what more we must do, or what people we are not with. We are bombarded with feelings that we cannot communicate with another, but because we haven’t communicated together Love, sometimes it feels forced.


As a child, we cried. We crrriiiieeeedd and screamed and shouted when we felt discomfort. My Love, we sang and giggled until our stomachs hurt each time we could as well. It was extreme. It was always overwhelming, but it was present and it was beautiful. I watched as you did the things you loved and you did not think twice as to whether or not you should be doing them. No, Beauty, I watched as you became a secretary with a broken laptop, a veterinarian with your stuffed animals, and a script writer with your little cousins. I watched as you sang karaoke as if on stage in your basement, and danced to pop music just the same.


The point of this, Amour, is that you were so alive you didn’t even need to contemplate it. You did not need to think of the if’s and the why’s and the should’s. You did not think your time was running out because you were simply enjoying it. You did not think you had ruined everything because you were present in the moment you were in. You were a family member, a friend, and a human all the same as you are now.

How incredible of a sight it’s been to watch you grow. To watch you learn and write essays and sing to others the stories of your reality. I feel a glow in my heart and soul just thinking about it. I unabashedly will sing out my story of love to you! Dear Divine Self, you are WHOLE! You are still the beautiful, present young child you once were. You must only harness that energy more! Embrace it as a daily part of your rituals and habits.


Why?! Divine Self! Well, the reason why is simple. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Life is meant to be grabbed, held and ridden with wind blowing your through your hair and freedom oozing from your energy. From your spirit! Life is at your fingertips. You have all that you need to take the things that set your passion alight and to create them for yourself, right now, as you are. I encourage you, Love, to do these things with a fervour so bright and powerful that the glow through your eyes comes back. That your skin and hair and nails and teeth shine with delight and radiance. If there is something your heart has been calling for in your life, no matter how big or small, Divine Self, incorporate it. Find a will. Find a way. Innovate your routine. Escape your routine. Create a new routine.


When you do this, Divine Self, I know you will be here again with me. I know we will find our quiet time once more. I know those thoughts and worries… they will slow. They will stir from time and time, and that is to be expected, but you will prevail. You will shine. Ah, the excitement of this brings me such joy. I am grateful to have watched you grow Self, and I know that embracing the child you once were, that you still are… will do nothing besides allow you to grow and blossom greater… bigger… happier… more alive.


Alive and beaming.


I love you Self!



I look forward to a rich and fulfilling life.

Today is the best day of my life.

I am proud of myself and all that you am.

I love being happy and excited about the things that I do.

I am passionate about things that make me feel good.

I know what is truly good for myself and my soul, and so I do it.

The child in me and I are one.

I am perfect, whole and complete, just as I am.

I am radiantly beautiful and vibrationally healthy and Joyously alive

I celebrate each life each day.

I am grateful for the life that I live each day.

I make the most out of each of my days by doing things that I love, and by working on myself.

I take time to be alone with myself.

I appreciate the time spent with myself to find stillness, quiet and peace.

Being with myself allows me to tune in to my heart space, and feel self-love.

I love myself just as I am!

I choose to follow my dreams and excitements.

I choose to be excited about my life.

I embrace myself and my life just as it is, and I welcome new opportunities of growth.

I am open to receiving healing and love from the universe and from myself.

I plan my days and lifestyle accordingly, so that I can fit in time to do the things that I love.

I respect myself by listening to my intuition and gut-instincts.


Enjoy friends! Have an incredible week!



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