From Worrier to Warrior and Manifesting your DREAMS!

From a young age we are taught about the things that we need to be cautious about. We are told that we need to get perfect grades, look respectable in public, be careful with our money, save for university, find a suitable partner, get a job with a decent salary, eat the perfect healthy foods, workout the right amount… and the list goes on and on. Basically, deep in our psyche lays the constant overwhelming burden of worry. We have been assured that without security within these things we will struggle. We deep down think that if we do not have the security of these things we couldn’t possibly be happy, satisfied, or secure. We wouldn’t have food to eat or a home to live in or a family or a life. I am here to tell you that the constant burden of worrying is not helping you along your journey. I am about to talk to you about how you can attain all of these things, all of the security you need, without the damaging effects of stress.

Let’s start off with talk of the Law of Attraction. Everyone’s heard of it in some way. We’ve heard quotes like, “you get what you give,” or “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” These things could not be more true. We’ve heard of the book “The Secret,” and we’ve probably thought about what this means to us. So…  I’m not going to sugar coat this. I’m just going to get right at it. The Universe doesn’t care what you say you want if your thoughts and vibrations do not match with what you are asking for.

Let me put it into other words. The Universe feels. It does not think. You can think you need more money, but if you think you need more money because you feel like you don’t have enough of it, your vibration is one of lack. You are worried. You feel like you desperately need more because you are worried of what will happen if you don’t acquire it. Therefore, even if you say you want more money, your vibration resonates at a frequency of lacking. Of poorness.  What I’m saying is that if you want more money, you’ve gotta act, feel, and become from the inside-out, somebody with money. I know it’s really difficult to feel abundant when you have as you think and feel, a million reasons not to. So to start, you’ve gotta really begin to pretend and act like someone with money. Don’t just wish for what you want, BECOME it. Don’t just ask for it, start to feel it within. What would make it easier to feel abundant? Acknowledging how abundant you are for the little things is a good start. Eating your breakfast with an attitude of gratitude, knowing that you are rich enough to sleep in a bed, to read this on a laptop. Waking up in the morning and doing things that make you feel not just abundant, but what you associate with richness! If wearing perfume or some beautiful jewellery helps you feel more “Rich,” then do it! Pamper yourself. You don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe, you’ve just got to remember that you’re already rocking the one you have.

Little steps every day towards your goals and towards feeling your goals truly will begin to help change your perspective into actually feeling abundant. You can only worry so many times about something before the worry grows into a mentality. Your mentality could be a mentality of financial insecurity; therefore you will never be truly financially secure. Your mentality could be one of loneliness; therefore you will never truly find love. Your mentality could be one of ill-health, thinking you are always getting sick; and you will never truly be healthy.

The other day someone mentioned to me that we don’t even know what 80% of our brains are capable of. This is what I think of now. I think of how we can’t even begin to comprehend the POWER we possess. We can’t even deny it. I dare you, TRY IT. For a week, every single day write down and envision everything that you want and need. Feel how it would feel for those things to already be present in your life. Carry that feeling with you. That excitement, that passion. When opportunities come your way that will help you to grasp at these visions and dreams in real-time, take them! Be inspired to step into your power each moment that you can. Come from this vibration of POWER and of abundance. Treat yourself like you are abundant and most importantly, PAY ATTENTION. Pay attention to the opportunities, synchronicities and experiences that come your way. They are not coincidence, they are divine manifestations and much be treated as such. Do this for a week and you will begin to see your power.

So what does this have to do with worrying? Exactly what I said. If you worry, you feel like you lack something. If you are worried about school, you feel like you lack the time to do your assignments or the knowledge to do them well. If somewhere inside of yourself you believe these things, how will you excel? Better yet, how will you excel without excessive sweat, increasing heart beats, pits in your stomach, unrestful sleep and way too much caffeine? (AKA STRESS)  You’ve gotta believe it. You’ve gotta be it. You’ve gotta KNOW that it’s exactly what you want, not what someone else wants for you. It’s gotta be for you. And when it is for you and when you are confident that life will go the way you need it do, the universe will be like, “oh, did you need this? Here it is!” But that’s not all, you need to put in the work. You need to set those goals, visualize your dreams (visualizing is tres important, please do it) and work towards them each and every single day. When things go wrong, which they will, you’ve got to be ready to pick yourself up and continue to find inspiration to move along. Don’t just ask the Universe for these things you want, but ask yourself. Find it in yourself to do all of these things you want because you deserve nothing less! You do not deserve to settle. You deserve to stand right atop of all of your dreams and goals. To continue climbing up and doing what makes you feel the most alive. You are worth that, 100%. 

The Universe, she feels. She breathes. She is energy, like all of us… In better words, we are the universe. But the universe doesn’t speak english, she speaks vibes. Your vibes have gotta be VIBIN! They’ve gotta be vibrations of intention and GRATITUDE. This all starts with writing each and every day why you’re grateful and accepting all that you are, right now. It begins with knowing what you’re worth and knowing what you’re truly capable of. Now is no longer a time of self-limiting mindsets, now is the time of seeing what you want and need and going straight at it. Setting doubt and fear aside to be as firey & excited as possible.


Here’s what MY gratitude list looks like (emphasis on *my* because yours may look completely different):


Things I am grateful for today:

-A best friend to wake up next to, to start my day with positivity and support for each other.

-An abundance of healthy food to nourish my mind, body and soul.

-The ability to move my body to increase my strength, relaxation and energy flow.

-Breathing! I’m so lucky to be able to feel how nice it is to breathe deep.

-Yoga. Yoga helps me tune out of my head and into my heart, therefore helping me align with my greatest path and act out of a place of love.

-A family that tests my patience and never ceases to teach me something about myself. Also, a family that shows me love in all of their special ways.

-Being a human who has a bed to sleep in at night and a place to shower in the morning. These things are often taken for granted, but I know that they add to my abundance.

-The ability to type out blog entries and personal posts, in order to help inspire others including myself.

-Fresh air outside! Feeling sun-rays through my window and feeling more alive than ever! Waking up my body to the Earth!

-A body that walks and runs and plays and jumps and kisses and hugs and cozies up in blankets.

-Blankets. So grateful for blankets.

-Nourishing food that energizes me for a day full of awesome work.

-Song writing & exploring my creativity in a way that is true to me and my self expression.

And the list goes on and on, but you get the idea.


I can’t stress enough, however, that the key to this isn’t to be “perfect” or to feel “perfectly” at all times. We are humans. We will still worry at times and we will still feel crappy some days. It happens. It is our responsibility, though, to transmute our thoughts. To alchemize them into optimistic guidances! I am so guilty of pessimistic thinking- surprising right?! So these activities aren’t always the easiest for me, but every day working through them makes it easier AND makes me a happier and healthier person. It’s a win-win, really. Even when you are feeling “eh” take out some paper to write or talk to a loved one. The topic? What you are grateful for (what you have) and what you want. By deciphering these things you will acknowledge where your energy needs to go. Want to acquire an awesome car? Act like you’re abundant! Act like you already own that awesome car. Get excited for it. Save worrying about getting it for another lifetime. Guys, this is the lifetime where we’ve gotta get out and follow our dreams! Do what we want! All we’ve gotta do is believe. With this belief, we will happily and without worry, put in the work it will take to get these dreams. It’s all your mindset. If you want something and know you’re going to get it, you will. How? You’ll do what it takes AND you’ll be confident you want it. If you want something and are worried you won’t get it and think of all of the things that will happen if you don’t get it… well then you’re acting like a victim. And then you’ll become one. And then you will make excuses as to why you’re not doing the things you love. (cough…”I’m too sick.” “I’m too busy.” “I don’t have enough money yet” “yet” “yet” “yet”…)

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Do what you love and vibrate at the frequency that is what you love. You love art? Become the artist, in every single thing that you do. Find art in the table that you’re eating breakfast at, see art in the trees on your car ride to work. You want to become rich? Feel rich. Eat your breakfast, regardless of what it is, and thank the world for giving you the wealth and prosperity to be giving your body it’s fuel. Treat yourself like a king! A queen! Go to work and recognize the abundance you’re acquiring, not just in your wallet but also in your experiences. You don’t have to be unhappy at work just because it’s work. It’s always your choice. You always have a choice… and that is the beautifully terrifying thing about life. Let us choose to do what we want. Let us choose to be what we want, to fight for what we want and to love what we do. The power is in OUR HANDS! No more wishing you got your Hogwarts letter in the mail. It’s time to recognize that our life is already Hogwarts, already magical. We are the freakin’ Universe manifested into a body and a soul. We are warriors. Strong, courageous, CONFIDENT, proud and loving. That in itself is incredible… Now go out there and manifest your dreams!


Namaste my friends, happy dreaming.


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