Dear Divine Self Series- #4 What You Need to Know

Dear Divine Self,

You are eternal and invincible. You are a force to be reckoned with. Strong at heart and in body, situated still in the mind. My dear, today is not for improving. Today is for knowing. You are a shell amongst hundreds of rocks and rock amongst millions of sandstones and a crystal so clear and transcendent.

You are infectious with good vibrations, positive and loving. Your heart is wide and open, you needn’t doubt that. You heart is pure and loving. You are pure in all that you are. You are all there is and the infinite. You are you. Today, choose to remember all of your beautiful qualities. When negative thoughts come into your mind, do not become fixated on them, instead, fixate on the positive. Focus on the things that make you feel good. The feeling of the sheets on your skin, the taste of water when you are filled with thirst, the touch of another who walks by. Feel the good and feel the good inside. It is there. You are full of it.


Do not neglect your agitations, greet them. As an old friend used to say, “come my demons, let’s have some tea.” So lover, remember that in your perfection and in your purity, comes sadness and hardship. Remember that these things are still perfect, still wondrous, still infinite and still cosmic. That way, fixating on them is not even possible. That way, you feel the beauty within them. You feel the truth of the oxymoron, sweet sorrow. Painfully beautiful. You feel the romance within it. You feel the truth, the depth. The ocean of waves moving inside of you, taking you to stillness and sun, but also to crashes and danger. Your heartbeat will quicken, and at times your knees might shake. Divine Self, you may fear the tides ahead, or you may see clear skies. All of this is good. All of this is right. All of this is beautiful in every shape, sound and wave it comes crashing upon you as. And I promise you, when you accept the beauty in your pain, your pain transforms. Try it and see, I believe in you.


So in this I leave you with my love, Divine Self. I remind you to feel good about You, Yourself. I remind you to focus on how good it feels to sit, to stand, to breathe, to sing, to speak, to look. How good it feels to look at the sky, to feel the breeze, to hug another and feel their heartbeat. I remind you how good it feels to be alive. To feel fear, to feel rush, to feel sad. To be deep and open, vulnerable, fragile. How good it feels to receive and be taken care of. How good it feels to serve. How good it feels to persevere, to work hard in the face of hardship. To prosper when you feel like life is not on your side. To look in the mirror and to seek things you love, within the things you find uncomfortable. To grab ahold of your body and to speak to it the way you know you’ve always wanted to.

That’s what this life is about. Feeling the depths. Experiencing our humanity. Finding pleasure in our food, in our work, in our relationships, in our lives. Finding our desires and chasing after them without a second thought. Looking doubt straight in the eye and growing taller than it. Finding our passions and igniting their fire each and every single day.


Dear Divine Self, today and all days I remind you to LIVE. Wholeheartedly, unabashedly, and unashamedly. To be afraid, but to move forward anyways. To face fear with your heart, and to embrace it like an old friend, because love, fear always finds its way back to you. You can never change that, but you can change the way the mind thinks about it. So Live! Live and feel your power- divine and true. Capable of everything and more, and worthy of exploring it all. Searching and still joyful. Working and still present. You are you, and there is nothing more I could have ever asked for, love.  Today is for knowing. You are a shell amongst hundreds of rocks and rock amongst millions of sandstones and a crystal so clear and transcendent. You are perfect. You are Love, so know that. Remember it in all of those depths of your being; remember it in each layer, cell and atom. Know that you are shining, and stable. Know that you are as beautiful as each of the millions of stars in the sky. Know that your heart is open and loving, and give yourself permission to feel it that way. Give yourself permission to feel how good it feels to feel good.

Thank you Divine Self, for all that you do. It is time you recognize it all, too.



I choose to appreciate all that life offers me.

I am grateful for all of the experiences of my life for they have shaped me.

I practice gratitude each day through all of my experiences.

I am perfect just as I am.

I LOVE myself.

I treat myself with kindness, integrity and respect.

I explore my desires and opportunities with excitement.

I am passionate about my life.

I follow my dreams and I learn myself more through them.

I know myself very well.

Hardship in life is my best teacher.

I am unique.

I am connected to a higher power and love.

I have the power to create my reality.

My reality is created by my powerful thought.

I love my sensitivity and vulnerability.

Vulnerability is strength.

I stay true to myself through my expression.

My words are true and honest.

I accept and receive positive opportunities from the universe.

I deserve love in my life in all ways.

I am a powerful manifestor.

I LOVE myself.


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