Dear Divine Self Series #3 – Read this to Yourself

Dear Divine Self,

I want you to know that I am proud of you. You have overcome darkness and hurricanes and faced so many demons, only to have grown immensely. The past year you have changed and blossomed, and I want you to know that the times you feel like you are at your worst, crying and upset, lost in illness or forgetting your light, are when you are at your truest. These are the times you shine… They are the times where you are forced to go inwards, and to listen to the silence or to the screams. These are the times where you are forced to take a break. To call in to work, to connect with a loved one, to connect with yourself, to slow things down. Take advantage of that. The next time you are in need of healing, Divine Self, give yourself as much rest as possible and rest assured that that rest is productive.


Divine Love, you are shining so brightly through the times you feel like you aren’t. The moon, she waxes and she wanes just like you do. She grows and she shrinks, she changes. Flux and flow. Consumed by darkness and then radiating light, and yet her presence is always noted. Just as yours is.


Divine Beauty, I want to remind you to always take that time. To sleep, lost in your dreams. To rest, with your gifts, be it art or music or numbers or movement. When you feel low, stretch low, and stretch slow. When you feel low, take a break, take a tea and take a hug. Why not? It is so easy to deem taking rest and break as unproductive. You’re a dreamer! You want so much done. You envision so much for yourself so you work and work and work. You think that you aren’t working in alignment with your highest potential when you pause, but you are.


Love, I am here to remind you that listening to your body and soul are the things that align you the truest with your Self. They are the things that scream: I am here and I am human and I want to treat myself like a Queen. Like a king. My body will feel like the temple that it is, gold and shining, admired by many, beautiful in all of its wonder. Dear, You needn’t fix anything. You shine. You are Loved by many, it is now time that that list includes you.



My body is my temple.

I treat myself with kindness and compassion.

I learn how to say “no.”

When I feel uncomfortable, I slow down and tune in to my breathing.

When my body needs a break, I lovingly slow my life down.

I take as much rest as I need when I feel ill or injured.

I nurture myself to live at my best potential.

I acknowledge the importance of rest and relaxation.

My body thanks me for resting.

Relaxation feels good.

I acknowledge how much I have grown.

I love and accept myself for exactly where I am. 

I am in the perfect position. I align with my truest self.

I love myself.   


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