Dear Divine Self- Releasing Doubt- #2

Dear Divine Self,

I see that you doubt yourself at times. I understand this, I understand it so deeply into the very core of my being. For so long I have been burdened with this worry… This worry that stemmed from childhood. They said your dreams were impossible, that they were meant to be hobbies. They said you must be practical and realistic. Their words took a little bit of the magic from your life, the wondrous surprising magic that all children feel. Watching leaves blow by the wind around them and knowing that they were flying because of that spark. Because of the fairy tale we all lived when we were young.

Lover Dearest, I trust that you have felt many things associated with this burden… Thinking you must be better, smarter, more educated, everything that everyone says. Adding on one hundred things to the list of things we must improve and perfect. I want you to know, in your very core, that this doubt can be released. It constricts you. It holds tight your beautiful human vessel… It etches its way into your muscles and joints, your organs. It manifests in forgetting the beauty of dreaming, even in our sleep. It manifests in thinking that we couldn’t possibly do the things our wildest dreams have showed us in our minds. We couldn’t possibly make that much money or be that successful.

I promise you, dearest, that these doubts are a lie. I also promise you that those who told you they were lies just wanted the very best for you. They love you, and wanted to see you grow up big, strong and more successful than them. The big picture reason they told you these things was so that you could experience the revelation, the euphoria, the bliss and the relief it feels to take these weights off of your very being. It takes off a great weight when you realize that you are here to do what your heart yells at you to do. Please love, take the time to listen to it. Take the time to acknowledge why sometimes you don’t feel so good… My guidance to you is that you don’t need to do the thousand steps you’ve given yourself to be rich or successful. You can be that, right now, by listening to your wise intuition and your heart. It sings songs of truth and freedom to you, it just wants you to hear them, to give them love. Like a child who is showing you an art they had just created, your heart is yearning for your love and compassion and support.


“Some of the poorest people I know are worth millions of dollars.” Tobias, channelled through Geoffrey Hoppe.


Divine Beauty, I remind you that you can have millions. You can have all of the wealth in the world, if you see that you already have just that all around you. This device you’re reading this upon, it is a miracle. The seat or floor you are sitting on, that is a miracle. The sky above you, that is a miracle. YOU, in your humanity, you are a miracle.

Love, release these doubts. If you feel in your heart that you have another purpose here, something that you think of from time to time but decide to do when you are richer… Do it now. Honour yourself. It comes down to the question of self respect. Do you respect yourself enough to love and live in accordance to your truest and purest values? Do you love yourself enough to live free of the burden of doubt you’ve given yourself. You are already rich. You are already successful. I am so proud of you. In every way.



I am safe.

I am supported in every way.

The universe supports and accepts me.

I approve and accept myself.

I love myself.

I allow the energy of wealth to enter my life.

I accept wealth and success.

Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

I am talented.

I am rich and wealthy.

I am grateful for all there is.

I am in love with my human-ness.

I move from poverty thinking to abundance thinking.

I am abundant.

Wealth constantly flows into my life.


You are enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH. I promise. I love you, divine being. It’s time to tell yourself that you love you, too.


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