It’s Not the Weight that’s Gotta Go

Alright folks, picture this. You’re on a different planet. It feels like Earth and looks like Earth, but everyone is blue. These aliens have pretty similar features to us, except that they have longer arms and legs and are quite a bit harrier. There’s one defining quality you really notice about this planet and it seems so strange to you. On their billboards, and magazine covers, and all around the streets, the aliens of this planet all have really chubby bellies. They have what we like to call a muffin top, and often times a few extra chins. Their arms flab a bit, they laugh at what we humans call a “thigh gap,” and their behinds are curvy and large. Their backs carry some extra weight, and their cheeks are round in the cutest of ways. This defining quality you’ve noticed is that they unabashedly, unashamedly, confidently carry FAT. Just this notion causes you to rethink your entire mindset. You begin to become aware that what we value as beautiful and perfect is entirely man, human made. You see past the veil! You see that our planet makes a TON of money off of us wanting to look different. You make connections to the multi-million dollar diet and fitness industry… And then you look back at this planet. They radiate beauty. They are all happy, moving their bodies, jogging, dancing, being free, living, laughing, being in the moment. They are subject to similar health problems as humans, but because they are all so filled with appreciating every bump and curve of their figure, they have the lowest sickness rate in the galaxy. You begin to make even MORE connections to your own Earth home, noticing that many of your friends and family (even if they don’t say it) are a little bit too caught up in the idea of losing weight. Maybe they make it a point to begin a new juice cleanse once a month, or maybe they talk about how they “let themselves go,” or maybe they don’t even say anything, they just stare a little extra at the food around them, and are hyper aware of when people notice them eating. “Wow I’ve eaten so much!” they say, or “I’m going to have another chip,” as if they need to justify it. As if what they’re doing is wrong! See, on Earth, we have been told to fear food! We have learned that carrying extra weight is the absolute worst and we have been taught that dieting and exercise are the prime keys to happiness.

Now while I totally agree that eating a healthy and wholesome diet, and moving our bodies is a beautiful testament to our self love, we as a whole need to recognize something very vital. And I’m going to write it here, maybe bold it, maybe repeat it a hundred times to really get the message across.


Health, vitality, and FITNESS, does not equate to a SIZE, weight, BODY SHAPE or any of the sort.


In other words, SKINNY =/ FIT. In other other words, FAT ON THE BODY =/ UNFIT.


So we’ll get back to that. ^ The reason I bring up this other blue person’d planet’s sickness rates in comparison to ours is because I am acknowledging the level of stress we live with throughout our lives. We are ALWAYS stressed! We’re stressed about work, money, school, futures, relationships, family matters… Our planet is downright stressed the heck out. And we’ve gone and put food and our body image on the list of a million things we have to worry about?! No wonder we aren’t digesting our food properly. No wonder we “can’t be happy,” or aren’t “fit.” And this is where we get back to this idea, what in God’s name is FIT? Does fit need to mean bikini competitors, dedicating their lives to looking perfect for their next show? Is it going to the gym and constantly injuring ourselves? Is it marathon runners? Is it yogis? Is it eating “perfectly” and then achieving our “perfect” weight, just to binge on food we’ve been avoiding afterwards and feel guilty for not being “perfect” anymore?! Is it honestly just looking at someone who is naturally thin shaped and thinking they’re fit even though they don’t do much working out? Is “fit” fitting into a specific jean size? Or eating a certain way? Our ideas of fitness are ALL over the place. They are not at all unified, and they are all so skewed. Our ideals of dieting run from different diet to different diet to different cleanse to different detox to different weight loss supplement to different skinny tea to different bikini body workout to different ab killing video to different WHATEVER IT IS. We are OBSESSED. The reason it is so hard to feel beautiful is because we are constantly bombarded with people telling us we need to work 100000 times harder to be beautiful.

I call bullshit.

For the first time in my life, I’m not working out intensely every single day. I’m not eating “perfectly” every day, and I’m HAPPY about it. I feel free and liberated. So what if I’ve gained a little bit of weight? Does that mean I can’t kill it in a handstand? Does that mean I can’t dance my heart out and have FUN? Does that mean my yoga practice isn’t “good enough?” Absolutely not. So my point: GAINING WEIGHT DOESN’T MAKE YOU LESS FIT. HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF MAKES YOU LESS FIT. If you tell yourself you aren’t fit, well… You’re definitely not going to feel like going to the gym. And if you do go to the gym, you’ll be so focused on becoming “fit” out of the need to change yourself to be happy, instead of enjoying the workout.. Right then and there. Instead of really appreciating how good it feels to raise your heart rate, or how good it feels to MOVE! How can we appreciate that when we constantly need to move more? Do better? Get to the destination faster? How is that presence?!

My thoughts about food are slowly starting to dwindle, my body is starting to feel more energized, I am beginning to feel more inspired each and every single day. Notice how many thoughts a day, or even an hour you have about food. Don’t judge yourself for it, just notice it. Notice the million thoughts you’re having about your digestion. Notice how many times you crave food, or think about what you’ll eat. Notice the million thoughts you’re having about the type of workout you “should” do.

Let me tell you something. The moment I realized deeply within myself that I don’t need to workout every single day, a certain heart pumping way, or eat just rice and bananas to be beautiful or happy or *fulfilled*, was the moment a whole lot of (shit) changed. I began going on runs because I FELT LIKE IT. Not because I told myself I had to. I walked outside because the air felt beautiful entering my lungs. I biked to work because I love my bike, I love taking care of the earth. I rock-climbed because it was adrenaline boosting and exciting. I hiked because nature is my home. I got outside and moved because that’s part of what being a human is. I continued with my yoga practice because it brings me to life again and again each day, and because I crave it! I began eating healthier because all I listened to what my body needed, and I also ate bread and peanut butter at midnight with my boyfriend, getting crumbs all over the place and giggling about it because I wanted to. Because I allowed myself to. Because I love myself through it all, and realized nobody is watching how much I’m eating, and if they are, they’re just as obsessed as me. 

So here’s the culminating lesson. It is NOT the weight that you need to lose. It is a mindset and perspective shift that we as a society need to grasp, that starts with you. It is acknowledging your beauty, and moving your body in ways that you LOVE! So what if that means going for a walk with the dogs? You’re moving your body and you should be proud of yourself. So what if it isn’t Kayla Itsines level of fitness? Who cares! This life is much to sacred to worry and worry and worry and stress and allow our stomachs to turn into knots because what we want isn’t what we “should” want. What you “should” do isn’t even real. Your highest self KNOWS. Your highest self truly knows what it wants for dinner, and the type of movement it wants to do that do, so listen to it. And I promise you, your highest self won’t be saying: “Eat cookies every night for dinner and sit on the couch watching Netflix for 4 hours.”

No, your highest self wants you to radiate the way you know you can. Your highest self wants you to be the best version of yourself. Your highest self fucking LOVES you so much already and just wants you to love you, too. So today I say this: You are beautiful. You are perfect. When YOU realize that, you will radiate. You will vibrate so high and attract the most incredible experiences your way. You will dance, you will sing, you will cook, you will laugh and you will LIVE. You will shed pounds without even trying, and if you don’t, you won’t care! When you realize how immaculate you are, how you are a part of our cosmic, infinite galaxy, how all of the stars in the sky couldn’t think twice about how many pounds you haven’t lost, your health will improve. You may even shed a few pounds, but you won’t even care. You’ll be too busy living. You’ll be too busy shining.


Self love journeys can be scary because it’s hard to start to think a different way than society’s taught us to think, but you can do it. It WILL be hard. You will feel defeated sometimes, you will feel bloated and blah sometimes, you will CRY…. oh trust me you will CRY so much. But that crying is a symbol of your strength. It is a symbol of your growth, it shows that you are allowing yourself to FEEL again, and you know what? Feeling is living.


You are all so beautiful. You don’t need to lose weight to be beautiful, wanted, loved, enough, or whole. You are already all of those things.


❤ Namaste, my friends. Happy living.


Disclaimer: I am not promoting obesity. In no way do I think obesity is healthy, and by no means am I saying to neglect that. I am saying that carrying fat is okay! Fat is beautiful. Curves are beautiful. When you love yourself, you’ll move your body, you’ll eat with love. You will live with more intention because of that love that fills you. Love is powerful and nurturing. Love is beautiful, and self love shines.


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